PLANACO yacht yard premises are fully controlled and organized, strictly complying with all specifications and standards for correct operation and safety, while all machinery are certified by LLOYD’S REGISTER .
Here are the main features of our yard:

Work spaces – machinery

-A totally organized space of 32.000 sq.m
-Yard ground paved in solid concrete cement
-Fully covered interior space of 1.000 sq.m for special condition works
-Dye/paint workshop - in closed & controlled environment
-Woodwork with up-to-date machinery
-Engineering workshop
-Two piers with two lifting/launching systems
-Power Trailer for motor boats, sailing yachts and Catamarans up to 60 tons
-Synchro Lift and transporter for vessels up to 200 tons
-Drainage system and collection of waters by oil-traps


-Complete closed circuit of 32 cameras monitoring continuously , both the perimeter and the
interior of the yard
-Security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
-Certified modern fire safety and alarm system
-Power Generators for uninterrupted work operations
-Fully certified for proper and safe operation machinery by LLOYD’S REGISTER
-Full insurance coverage for accidents, various damages etc.
-Trained staff for emergencies

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